MY Hotel Investment Consultancy

MY Hotel Investment Consultancy

What is MY Hotel Consulting?


MY Hotel Consulting, inspired by the tourism experience of its founder Mehmet YÜCE for more than 25 years, provides consultancy services for your new or existing tourism investments.


With our hotel management and investment consultancy services, we are your companion for the development of your project and ongoing processes, starting from the investment decision stage.


Why might businesses need consulting?


  • The investor's need for qualified information for a newly established tourism business.
  • Services related to investment incentives and support programs that the enterprise can benefit from.
  • Services for the management consulting needs of an already operating business.
  • Services for the personnel training and evaluation needs of businesses.
  • Investment integration processes with national - international hotel brands.
  • New Architectural design and project/renovation processes for investment.
  • Studies for the evaluation and development of the hotel's online - offline sales processes / directing the marketing processes in the most appropriate way.
  • Implementation of customer relations and loyalty programs with appropriate infrastructure and offering social networks and web solutions.

We offer you the most appropriate consultancy service with our expert staff.

If you would like to receive free support during the check-up process of your investments, contact us.

If you are planning to invest in a new hotel or if you are thinking about how to make your current investment more efficient, please contact us.




With our customers and partners we are friends with, not only to help them throughout the project, but also to protect our customers' corporate structures and values, to bring them to a level that can compete on a national and international scale, and to grow steadily as an exemplary and sought-after consultancy company over the years.



Based on the motto that nature does not need us, we need nature; To add value to nature-friendly, environmentally compatible, innovative and human-oriented hotel and tourism projects with our knowledge and experience. To sustain the value it creates for investors with the principle of sustainable growth and high profitability, by offering a strong solution partnership for our companions to make the right decision.



  • Be people oriented
  • Be respectful to people
  • Being respectful to the environment
  • Being solution oriented
  • Providing professional and practical solutions
  • Equality
  • To be objective
  • Thinking first with business philosophy
  • Business ethics and confidentiality
  • To be sustainable




How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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