CRM and Web Solutions

Providing the most appropriate technical infrastructure and social networks and web solutions for customer experience and loyalty

SWOT analysis: It is a study to understand the general condition of the hotel and to plan an action.

Customer Journey Map: Do you know the Touch and Pain Points of your guests? The Customer Journey Map, which is accepted for every sector in the world and is prepared exclusively for the institution, together with the employees of the institution, will give you serious information on how to better manage your operation. Customer Journey Map is the starting point for making advanced 360 degree CRM applications. It includes all processes such as Marketing, Awarnesse, Pre-Sales, Sales, Satisfaction Management, Complaint & Reputation Management, Loyalty with their own sub-titles and helps to create SOPs for the correct management of these operations.

Monitoring Guest Satisfaction: It is already customary to deal with and please guests who have complaints, especially in the service and accommodation sector. Everyone from the General Manager to the lowest staff does their best to please the guest who has a complaint. So, what do we do to manage the already satisfied guest and ensure sustainable satisfaction? Actually nothing! Here, Satisfaction Management deals with the sustainability of this satisfaction of satisfied guests and makes them a serious collaborator of the brand.

How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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