Documents Required to Open a Hotel


Documents Required to Open a Hotel


Various documents and permits are needed to open a hotel. We have compiled the documents and permits that will be required from you to open a hotel.

  • 2 photos (not required if company business).
  • Photocopy of identity card and proof of residence.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • Any document proving that you are registered with the Social Security Institution.
  • Operator identification document.(Form-1) (photocopy).
  • Certificate of Mastery (Cookery) (photocopy).
  • Signature circular and Trade Registry Gazette (photocopy) (not required if it is a sole proprietorship).
  • Tax plate (photocopy).
  • Chamber activity certificate and chamber registry certificate (photocopy).
  • Title deed and building occupancy permit (photocopy) (Building Occupancy Permit must be taken as “hotel, apart hotel or hostel”).

Consult the hotel investment specialist for more detailed information on the documents required to open a hotel.

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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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