How to open a brand hotel? Hotel Brand Integration


How to open a brand hotel? Hotel Brand Integration

For all projects, we provide consultancy services to those who want to open a hotel in order to provide the most suitable conditions during the management and/or franchise negotiations with local or international hotel brands.


The steps you need to follow in the process of Hotel Brand Integration;

  • Contacting local and foreign operators or hotel brands that give naming rights for the operation of the hotel, designing agreement models.
  • Requesting proposals on business and naming rights in accordance with international norms and peers and preparation of a letter of goodwill
  • Signing a final contract with a hotel group as a result of negotiations and negotiations, together with the agreement models designed by the person who wants to open a hotel.
  • Examining and finalizing the legal regulations included in the agreement together with the legal advisor of the investor
  • In case of a franchise agreement;
  • My hotel consultancy can provide consultancy services on preparing the hotel for the opening process.

These services are;

  • Establishment of the hotel team
  • Planning and creation of operating systems
  • Determining the initial budget of the hotel
  • Preparation of job descriptions and all procedures,
  • It includes studies such as designing sales and marketing operations.

Why should I collaborate with a brand?

Strong brands have a strong reservation system, a high percentage of direct bookings, and a successful, global loyalty program. Better brands offer a revenue management program that emphasizes pricing and smart positioning strategies, a hotel operating system, and a preferred OTA agreement that benefits the franchise.

How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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