How to Open a Hotel?

How to Open a Hotel?

Opening a hotel is not simple at all, but it is a very profitable business when successful. In addition, there is very high competition in this sector. Especially in internet advertisements, many businesses are doing their best to get to the forefront of google. For this reason, imagine opening a luxury boutique hotel for customers or a comfortable hotel that brings breakfast to the room, before taking the risk, you should do a long research and diligence. You need to have a prepared plan. The risks to be taken by those who want to start a big business are naturally great. It is possible to earn big money in the business world only in this way.

Hotel opening options are quite extensive, so decide first what type of hotel accommodation you want to offer. For example, the service you will provide may be of high quality, affordable or very cheap. Will you provide a single room service or open a hotel with additional amenities such as a restaurant, conference room, swimming pool, spa or gym? However, you also need to decide on the location of your hotel.


Make a business plan. Most hotel businesses need external financial support at the start-up. It's a good idea to work with a professional consultant to prepare your business plan. Your business plan should include your business proposals, market analyses, the main framework of operating practices, descriptions of your longevity objectives, and your financial investment applications. If you have visited competing hotels, include a summary of what similarities and differences exist between your rooms, restaurant services, or different services in your business plan.

For licenses and permits, apply to the relevant official institutions.

For licenses and permits, apply to the relevant official institutions.For licenses and permits, apply to the relevant official institutions.For licenses and permits, apply to the relevant official institutions.


Advertising and marketing. Register with travel agencies, agency websites, international reservation systems and tour leaders. Kindly invite the travel professionals to your hotel for their stay. In this way, they will have the opportunity to see the services you offer up close. Start a professional and cool website with photos, video tours and an online booking system.

what you need


Business plan

hotel location


Business license and permits liability

insurance Renovation and renovation materials

Internet page

Hotel staff

Hotel Textile materials, boucle materials

You can start your hotel business by getting a franchise under the umbrella of a well-known brand. It will cost slightly less than building a hotel from scratch. They will also receive an annual franchise fee.

Hotel owners may not get a return on their serious investments for several years or when the economy is weak. Do introductory plans to build customer traffic right from the start and set aside money to insure yourself for the first few years.


Conditions for Opening a Hotel


Fire escape will be made.

It will carry hygienic conditions.

A technical person who will draw a detailed workplace layout sketch.

It will not be able to change this layout without permission.

A grease trap will be installed in the kitchen of the hotels.

An industrial dishwasher will be installed.

WCs will be arranged in a way that the physically handicapped can use

What Documents Are Required to Open a Hotel?

address document,

  • Deed copy,
  • Building occupancy permit of the building,
  • The lease agreement to be written notarized,
  • fire report,
  • chamber activity certificate,
  • registration certificate,
  • You need to apply to the municipality for a hotel license by preparing documents such as a criminal record, a photocopy of your identity card. You also need to get a tourist certificate. You need to apply to the relevant ministry by preparing documents such as a petition, facility introduction report, signature statement, name registration certificate, documents to be taken depending on the place of installation of the facility. If you are going to sell alcoholic beverages, you will need to get permissions on the subject. You can find detailed information about permits and licenses on the websites of municipalities and ministries. Don't forget to take out liability insurance.

How Long Will the Hotel Open?


It is impossible to give a clear figure to this question, even if we give a number due to changing market conditions, this figure may lose its validity. Therefore, if you want to make the simplest calculation when you decide, you can calculate a price by considering all hotel textile materials, paperwork costs, the number of workers and the electricity fee according to the number of rooms in the hotel you will operate. Or sometimes it may be more advantageous to take over a hotel.



How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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