Requirements to Open a Hotel

Requirements to Open a Hotel

Depending on the type of hotel you want to open, different requirements may arise. However, if you know what you want, you can easily identify what you need for your project. However, as a standard, you have to provide the necessary things in advance.

What Documents Are Required to Open a Hotel?

  1. address document,
  2. Deed copy,
  3. Building occupancy permit of the building,
  4. The lease agreement to be written notarized,
  5. fire report,
  6. chamber activity certificate,
  7. registration certificate,
  8. You need to apply to the municipality for a hotel license by preparing documents such as a criminal record, a photocopy of your identity card.


Of course, these items constitute the paperwork part of the project. In addition to these, there are various requirements that will carry your hotel investment to success, such as business plan, budget plan and feasibility study. Opening a hotel is a detailed issue. It is very important to get help from hotel investment consultants to avoid critical mistakes when opening a hotel. By contacting us, you can clear the various question marks in your mind.

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How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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