Hotel Supports

Hotel Supports

Only ARDSI provides state support for investors who want to build a hotel. There are various conditions in order to receive a grant from ARDSI.

  1. The hotel, motel or apartment or any accommodation you will build must be located in the provinces supported by ARDSI.
  2. In order to receive ARDSI grant support, you must follow the call for application announcements.
  3. You should apply to your own ARDSI Provincial Directorate with the project you will prepare after the call announcements.
  4. ARDSI provides grants to newly built accommodation within the scope of the project as ”Rural Tourism and Reaction Activities” with the 302 Precautionary Code “Diversification of Farming Activities and Business Development”. The roadmap for the grants of entrepreneurs who want to benefit from this protection code should be as in this link. After the application roadmap consisting of 14 steps, you can start to benefit from ARDSI grants like other tourism entrepreneurs. You can also find the following information you need at the relevant link.
  5. Information Notes
  6. Application Package
  7. Supporting documents you need

You can get information from your hotel investment advisor to get information about what needs to be done to benefit from the incentives.


How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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