Tourism and Hotel Sector is being renewed!

Sakarya Resident Tourist Mehmet Yüce; With the MY Hotel Investment and Management Consultancy firm, it adds a new one to its entrepreneurship with a brand new service to the hotel industry.



Experienced Tourism Manager Mehmet Yüce, who stated that they act as companions to hotel investors in Turkey in the process that starts with the 'deciding on investment' phase and continues with the project development; He also said that they set out with a project to provide laundry support services to accommodation facilities. Expressing that they aim to keep the laundry service, which is one of the most important operating expenses of the hotels, at the minimum level economically, Yüce said; stated that they will provide this service in the most appropriate way to today's hotel management standards. Saying that hotels have started to receive laundry service from outside for the last 20 years and that this is becoming more and more common day by day, Yüce said that the laundry industry is developing rapidly; he said that laundry investments are no longer made in new hotel investments and that external support is received for this service.



Mehmet Yüce continued his speech as follows: “Especially with the pandemic process, this service has gained much more importance. A brand new era has been entered in hotel management, and almost all accommodation facilities have had to obtain a Safe Tourism Certificate and apply these standards. For this reason, laundry services have become an issue that needs extra attention in terms of hygiene and cleaning. Although there are laundries in our region that provide services in this regard, as a hotelier, we will provide these services with a team that knows best the needs, standards and care of the facilities. We will carry out the working and service standards in a concept specific to hotels only, and we will not wash the laundry of different sectors such as hospitals or factories. Our aim is to serve only the accommodation sector and to help hotels provide hygienic and most comfortable service to their guests by keeping the economic costs that will support the operating costs at minimum levels. With the partnership agreement we made with Zen Laundry company, which is one of the best in its sector and provides industrial laundry services, we started to provide this service in line with our projects to accommodation facilities in Sakarya and Kocaeli regions. We regularly and coordinately audit our working teams and facilities. We are in an effort to continue our work in a controlled manner in order to provide the best service to our hotels by taking remedial steps in a way that will ensure continuous service standards.


How can we help you?
How can we help you?

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